Light Kit Installation Guides - Page 6

Step 8

Carefully bend the fibres around, and position the fibre unit as shown.

Step 9

Place the wires to the two red leds on the opposite side of the central section again as shown. Use some sticky tape to hold both the fibres and led wires in place. When you are fully happy with the wire and fibre positions, super-glue them in place in the central section. Also put a small drop of glue on the unseen back part of the flux capacitor, securing each fibre strand.

Step 10

Insert the two ultra-violet up-lighters in the front of the foot well areas. ALLOW ALL GLUED PARTS TO DRY FULLY BEFORE CONTINUING.

Step 11

Ideally using flush cutters, snip the fibre strands so that they are level with the outer section of the flux capacitor. Test the lights to ensure the fibres are cleanly cut.

Step 12

Fit the reactor / lightning rod mount to the centre of the rear section.

Step 13

With your light kit, you will find a strip of 8 double sided sticky pads. Place one sticky pad just behind each headlight on the underside of the bonnet. Remove the final backing paper from each pad, and place each of the four white leds in position as shown behind the headlights. Again, switch the light kit on and check that each led illuminates the lights correctly.

Step 14

When happy with the fit, remove the backing from one side and place another sticky pad over the led wires as shown to secure them. Do not remove the backing paper nearest to you. To ensure the leds remain in place, its also advisable to super-glue the led wires in place on the underside of the bonnet behind the sticky pads.

Step 15

Fit the car interior into the upper shell. At this point, its also easier to clip in place the two black rear exhaust ducts

Step 16

In the same way as you did with the white headlights, position the two red leds behind the rear lights. Again switch the set on, and ensure that they illuminate only the red section of the rear light print. Secure using extra sticky pads and superglue as with the headlights.

Step 17

Nearly done now :) Unscrew the terminal connector nearest the battery box and remove all wires from it.

Step 18

Run the main power lead from the set through the hole in the cars base. Double check each led to ensure that they are firmly glued into position.

Step 19

The bit thats easier than it looks. Carefully fold in all of the wiring under the car bonnet, and ease the car base into position. This can take a couple of attempts - don't force the base into position, just gently move the wiring into place as the car base clips in.

Step 20

With the main structure of the car in place, re-connect the battery box, complete the rest of the external detailing and its job done! One superb quality bargain priced Delorean :)

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